The King is dead and the Cataclysm is here

I'm probably not the only one that is feeling Shattered right now. In case you've set up house under a rock, Cataclysm is here, it has happened. There's a very angry dragon flapping about raising heck. Among other things, the XP bar has appeared at the top of my screen for my level 80 characters. I'd almost forgotten what it looked like.

The last few weeks have been a little hectic. The very relaxed, casual, guild my main characters are in decided to knuckle down and kill the Lich King before Cataclysm hit rendering the achievement a little meaningless. I'm happy to report that our rag tag little group of ten misfits, decked out in gear around the ilvl251 range, put an end to the Kings reign of terror. It was the first time we really pulled together with a common goal, and even though there were points of frustration, it was overall an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Sadly I benched my hunter for the fight, taking in my Rogue instead, due to his higher DPS output and ability to stun the Valkyries, which had been an issue for our group. One of the benefits of having a number of level capped toons is that I can switch between them depending on what the group needs. The down side to this is that my 'main' often misses out due to my flexibility. This has also made it a little harder to PUG things, especially when people are wanting you to 'link achievements'. I've tanked bosses on my Paladin, healed on my Shaman, smoked stuff on my Hunter and dispatched the King on my Rogue. My Hunter is 11/12, Rogue 7/12, Paladin 7/12 and Shaman 7/12. Put all the Boss Kills together and I'm 12/12, but without the Fall of the Lich King achievement to show for it.

I'm a little sad that my poor old Hunter is unable to walk the world with a legitimately earned 'the Kingslayer' title above his head - lets face it, running through ICC in Cataclysm gear at level 81+ is not exactly 'legitimately' earned in my opinion - but with a bit of luck I'll get back in there to give the King one last spanking.

So with Cataclysm now live I made the decision to race my Rogue through to 85 first. In the post 4.0 world Hunters, in a lot of ways, seem to have been turned into ranged Rogues, minus the sneaky-ness. My guild is not exactly starved for ranged DPS at the moment so the Rogue looks set for quite a bit of raid love. In the past week, my little Night Elf Rogue underwent some... ah... changes, potentially brought on by a full moon. He's now a little angrier looking, a lot hairier, and has been have a blast slicing through all kinds of new bad guys. I would write more, but I have to go now and carve up some more bad guys.

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  1. Heh, I went the other way, benching my Kingslayer rogue for the first toon I created 4 years ago, my hunter. I just got sick of chasing crap around in melee and the new “roguiness” of hunters is about perfect.

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